Construction Claims, Disputes and our Philosophy;

Construction projects are often long-term operations and due to their complexity it is unrealistic to believe that every detail and contingency can be foreseen at the outset. As a result, claims frequently occur and these can escalate into unnecessary and unwanted disputes. A construction dispute can be expensive, time-consuming and has the potential to adversely affect the people, schedule and budget of a project.

Whether you are compiling an initial claim or have just received a claim, maybe you have an existing claim that needs managing through to its final resolution, then we are here to help. The risk of a claim escalating into a dispute cannot be totally eliminated, but that risk can be minimised.

Our philosophy is Dispute Avoidance first, Dispute Resolution second.

Since 2003, from assisting in the preparation of claims, managing claims to resolving disputes, we have been giving high quality targeted support and guidance to all parties involved in procuring and delivering construction projects.

Our clients include Private Developers, Government Authorities, Joint Ventures, Law Firms, Main Contractors and Sub Contractors on projects in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Caribbean and North America.

Although when a dispute happens it can be a stressful time for everyone involved, remember that behind the storm clouds, the sun is still shining!

Dispute Avoidance

Whatever your disagreement you may benefit from pausing and considering your options. There are many processes to choose from but which one is right for your particular circumstances?

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Dispute Resolution

You've taken advice, you know you have a valid case but despite all attempts to negotiate amicably, the other party refuses to settle. When this happens, what are the options available to you now?

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